Four Work at Home Jobs to Consider

a girl online who works at homeHave you ever wondered what you could do to make money online? There are so many ways that this can be achieved for work at home jobs. In this post we will go over some interesting and popular options. Feel free to use any of these and create a job or a new career for yourself.

Graphic or Web Design

They types of content produced graphic designers or web designers are generally banner ads, brochures logos, pamphlets and websites. These are a few of the things that are created by these people.

The smallest of your projects could be a banner design for $20 and on the high end a professionally done website with lost a great content can be sold for $5,000. All of this will depend on contacts or clients you can get as well as your level of experience.

Ways to get clients for these types of services could be by the people you already know, any email marketing lists you have or will create, networking events and online advertising.

The next work at home job: Translations.

Many people these days in just about any country can speak more that on language fluently. This is virtually a universal job that can be worked by any bilingual person. Translators are in demand. It could be English to Spanish and vice versa. As well as Chinese to English or any other language combination in between.

Voice translators are needed. The options are and “after the fact” translator or a “live” translator.

What is a live translator? This person is on the phone with both parties and is interpreting a translation live for them. For this type of work you will need access to a phone and it can also be done from home.

What is an After the Fact translator? After the actual conversations have occurred the translator will do a spoken or written translation for the client.

Work at home – Transcribing

Would you like a lucrative way to make some extra money or create a new job then consider transcribing? To be qualified to do this one must be able to type quickly and accurately.

There are 2 types of transcriptions services and those are legal and medical transcriptions. In this job you are listening to dictations or conversations and transcribing them into written words. Speech to text would be an example of the service you would provide.

a femal working her online writer jobWork at home – Online writers

Being an online writer or an online article writer does require this type of person to not only enjoy write but to be really good at it too. In addition since textual content is being create, each writing assignment will require research, so that the writer can produce a well though out piece and is informative.

So when a writer receives a new assignment from a client it will be received in the form of keywords or a topic. The write will need to research and find out more about the topic. They will then produce a well written original article.

I do know that there are websites out there that need 1000 – 2000 word long articles or blog posts that are all original, well thought out and written professional and are informative. Because websites what to provide valuable information to their readers. They want them (the online traffic) to stay on the website as long as possible. If you search hard enough you will find that some people are willing to pay good money for high quality writers.

There are many online article writers out there and some of these people will only write on certain topics like medicine, online business, entrepreneurship, ECT.

Voice Acting / Voice Over

Many websites that have content that include voice like videos, but the businesses that run these sites may not want to use their own voice. So they look to hire voice actors.

The qualities or skills a voice actor should possess a quality sounding voice able to modulate their pitch and tone. Depending on the client and their style certain emotions may need to be portrayed as well.

A person who is a really good voice actor should have the ability to adapt to their clients needs. An example of this would be are they looking for a fast talking sales pitch or a person who sounds like a detached commentator? Depends on what type of presentation, pitch or content is being produced.

The 4 above are just a few of the many ways someone can work at home and make a great living. As long as you are skilled in something, the next step into success and making money is not only discovering a way to find clients, but optimizing the process.

In Conclusion

The above list is just scraping the surface on what is available in regards to a work at home business. For every opportunity you see and are interested in, be sure to do research and due diligence. Some work at home opportunities may require some sort of skill and training may be required. This means you may have to purchase a training or education product

Recently a lot of the make money from home online course are being priced at $497, $997 and even higher than that. Don’t believe the hype.

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