Work at Home Job Scams – Avoid These Fake Ones


Something that I have learned over time is don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Especially nowadays with fake news ect. So that being the case have you come across a work at home business idea and you suspect it may be a work at home scam?

For those of you who are new to freelancing and trying to make money on the internet may encounter fake work at home jobs. Many of these work from home jobs usually require some sort of money in order to learn their system, which in cases probably will not.

So let’s take a look at some of the more common work at home scams that you will discover online whether it is at a forum or an ad.

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Trading The Forex

I did this, it’s time consuming to learn and it is just gambling.

If you have searched online trying to find out more about forex trading then certainly you may have come across some courses out there talking about how great forex trading is and why you should get started with it. There are so many online courses out there that are being sold to teach someone how to trade the forex from home.

But here is what is most like the truth… There really is not anyone out there who is making money by trading the forex. One caveat is that a short term gain could be realized, but in the long haul, over time, the house always wins!

SO why is it that people, especially beginners have a difficult time making money with forex? The reason is there are thousands of other people who you are in competition with and some of those other folks have been trading the forex for a long time and they have a lot of money that they can put into a trade. They are able to ride out volatile swings in prices as well as they can identify entry points to a trade more easily than a beginner can.

Online Surveys

Chances are you have come across an ad for an opportunity to make money with online surveys. The pitch goes like this, make money online by simply filling out a survey.

While there may be many online survey scams out there, there could be a few that are true as some companies are willing to pay in terms of offering discount codes or coupons in return for filling out the survey. Sure it may be fun to get a nice discount, but by no means should this be considered a work from home job.

Here is another reason online surveys are a bad idea… It will take a lot of time to find a good survey, time to take the survey and if you divide your time by what you earn. It really is a small amount of money. This is a low value – low return work at home job.

Poker and other Betting Systems

While it is possible to make money online playing poker or betting, it is still a dangerous way to earn an income, especially for newbies.

In the old days, like when the internet was starting to grow and become popular, sports betting and playing poker online was beatable. That is because there were not so many experienced players/betters online. A few were very good and there was les competition. It was easier to win those betting games that did require a skill set like playing poker and sports betting.

These days just about everyone is online and can have easy access to study these games of chances, practice and become really good at it. So now a average gambler or player is a lot better than those who are just starting out. I have also heard through the grapevine that in a country like China, they have poker player camps that churn out players by the dozens to play certain systems.

Online gambling, playing poker or what ever could be a hobby or something fun to pas the time, but with so many skilled players online now, especially in poker, the opportunity to have better chances of winning was in the past. Personally gambling money is just that gambling money to a chance to win as there is no guarantee of winning.

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Mystery Shopping | Mystery Shoppers

OK, I am going to go easier on this one. Mystery shopping is a real industry, I have also done it and it does pay. What you could encounter are websites that are selling “how to be a mystery shopper” product and to get sales, they may make income claims that are higher than what mystery shoppers actually get paid.

If you choose to do this, you will not be assigned shops everyday. Any assignment you accept will take time and gas money and the average pay for something like a restaurant shop will average $20 to $50. In some cases this could be in meals instead of cash.

There are not many people making a living by working as a mystery shopper. However this could be a good way if you want to get out of the house and make a few hundred dollars monthly. By no means will you get rich doing this as some websites may lead you to believe.

So as you have read these are a few of the online work at home scams that are out there. I do not recommend any of the above methods to make money. You will be better off using a real system that makes money and to learn it from someone who is already successful. But even with that, be careful and do your due diligence and protect yourself from work from home scams.

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