Why Lower Job Expectations When Job Searching

job seeker lowering job expectationsCurrently looking for another job? Are you one of the many people out there either who may not be satisfied with their current job? Before applying for another job and to help you get more clarity in your search for a new job. What kind of expectations we consider?

As far as making a decision to as to considering lowering your expectations jo when job hunting, there are several important factors that you should take into consideration. You should take a look at what is your need for this job? If you have a family to support, that is one important consideration. What about rent, mortgages and car payments as well as credit card payments that need to be paid. If these items are a high priority and need to be taken care of quickly, then your need to get a job now is super important. For those that are receiving unemployment compensation from the state, may have some time though.

Basically if you have to meet your and maybe your family’s survival need, then lower your expectation and find some kind of job, to generate an income.

Something else that you should take a look at when deciding if you should lower your job expectations is when job hunting is managing those expectations. Are your expectations reasonable? For example… Are you interested in working as an accountant? If so, do you have a degree in finance or accounting? Or a CPA certification? If you don’t, then you have set your expectations to high and are certainly unreasonable.

So to get started when setting realistic expectations is to be sure they are reasonable when you looking for work. A good example of this could be is if you had previously worked as a retail store cashier for some time and you went to business school to, then consider getting a job as a retail store manager (possible even manager trainee). This goal or expectation of what type of job to look for seems more realistic. (reasonable)

If you work in a certain industry, you may want to look at current job trends and forecasts within it to get a good idea of what is going on and to see what may interest you. So in our above example about the retail store manager, if for some reason things are not doing to well in the retail sector and is not doing to go, then it’s probable that new stores will not be opening up around the area you want to work in. As such this will be a limiting factor in the amount of retail store manager jobs available. If you encounter this problem then either lower expectation for an easier job or change the area. Instead go to where retail may be doing well.

Keep in mind that if you do have to lower your job expectations when searching for a new job, especial if you got bills to pay soon, this situation does not have to be permanent. So let’s say you end up taking another position as a retail store cashier, but instead let’s say you happen to be qualified as a teacher, for example. You don’t have to stay in the cashier’s job forever, use to make ends meet and work on getting a better job while you have an income again.

While you are working, you are allowed to keep looking for other opportunities. Decide what you employment or career goal is going to be and keep working towards it, get more education and training. After enough time and effort has passed by you should be able to encounter the opportunity that you are looking for. Use the time now to prepare for something better.

I probably should of titled this article “how and when to check your pride when looking for work”. There’s going to be times in certain circumstances when we are not going to want to accept a job that we consider to be beneath us, but sometimes in life, you just have to. The good news is that it is only a temporary situation. You can over come it.

By the way (In the USA) every state has an employment or workforce commission. Visit a local office and let them know your situation if you are unemployed, especially if you have kids. They could assign a case worker to you and help you get a job and possibly other ‘assistance’. Each state is different so I can’t say what the assistance will be, but it could possible be help with rent (if an emergency) and food stamps (SNAP).

I too have been down this road and I know what it is like, especially being broke and working for $6 an hour (back in the day). But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The quickest way to find that light is to start making things happen as soon as you finish reading this post. Good luck.

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