Truck Driver Jobs – How to Get Started

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If you have been driving a truck for a long time, owner operator or are interested in learning about truck driving jobs, then continue to read on about a career in truck driving. Nation wide there is a huge demand for truck drivers. Now is a great time to work in this business.

Driving a truck is not really your typical 9 to 5 job. It is actually a different and you could consider it a way of life since much of your time will be on the road. If you are going to be new to the trucking industry and trucker lifestyle before hand, then it is possible to make certain assumptions about the job and industry. Be sure to get the information and knowledge so that you can make an educated decision about obtaining a CDL (commercial driver’s license) and decide if this is a good career for you. If you choose to do this, it could affect your family and friends, since you may be away from home for a week or more, per trip.

Once you begin to gain experience in this chosen profession you will discover that a career in driving truck can be very lucrative. Generally you will see that the average annually compensation for truck drivers is around $50,000. May vary depending on the company you work for and how much driving you are will to do.

To earn even more there are truck drivers who niche down into industries like heavy haul trucking, tandem truck hauling, food service delivery and other markets of specialized transportation.

When you begin doing this it may be better to change your thoughts about driving trucks and considering it a job. Since so much time will be spent driving it may be better to think of this as a new way of life or lifestyle. Keep in mind though that a lot of your time is driving and being away from family as I would see this is one of the disadvantages of this career. There are other problems within the trucking industry that also need to be resolved and can cause frustration with drivers. Most trucking companies have a huge turnover rate of drivers and could be as high as 90%. However many love being on the road and traveling. They really like their career as a truck driver.

Our country and actually every country on this planet depends on transportation and trucking is no exception. Trucks supply our grocery store with food. They also stimulate the economy by transporting products for commerce. The job they do is vital to our economy.

In order to legally drive a truck you will need to find a truck driving school and prepare for the CDL commercial drivers license. In the USA… Before you begin, contact your states employment agency or workforce. Tell them that you are interested in becoming a truck driver and ask about what training programs they have. Some states may be willing to pay for the training! This will save you a few thousand dollars. It will also help you get started more quickly since the need to save up money is not necessary.

There may be some sort of qualification / application process to get into a state funded program, but the state workforce will let you know what to do. Actually I wouldn’t be surprise if they will be very happy to see that you have chosen this as a career, as I am sure they get a lot of trucking companies contacting them to hire more drivers.

Additionally, just like airline pilot, truck drivers have to record their driving hours and other information daily to their log book. How to keep logs and maintain records will be taught at your truck driving school.

In order to drive a truck, you will be required to get a DOT Department of Transportation physical or DOT Medical Exam and Commercial Motor Vehicle Certification.

For additional information on where to take a physical and some other information regarding Driver Medical Fitness for Duty.

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