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If I could go back to being a young, bright 20 something and start my career all over again, then without hesitation I would choose to get into technology and programming. The outlook for computer programming jobs is amazing and lets look at what type of programmer jobs are available. In this field of work the salaries are high and companies are actively recruiting for the best employment candidates they can find.

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One may not thing of this type of work to be prestigious or simple to get as they once were. On a side not I do feel that blockchain technology is going to be big as there is a lot of opportunity in it. However by no means listen to anybody who may tell you that you missed the boat and it is too late to become a programmer. Don’t let anyone’s opinion of anything direct the outcome of your life or career unless they are highly qualified to give such advice. I say go for it if you want a career in technology and programming.

Our List of 10 Great Computer Programing Jobs

The current marketplace of getting a computer programming job can be competitive at times, so consider some of the following information to boost your chances of success and getting hired.

Not all computer coding jobs are equal

So let’s begin by saying computer programmer and developer salaries are not equal. They don’t get paid the same. So since this industry is competitive lets go over some ways that will improve your chances of success.

Software Development

Let us look at the title of Programming or Programmers, these job titles are indistinguishable. Variants of other similar titles for the same position could be application developer, software developer or a software engineer. So while a software developer at one company could be very different title at some other firm or company.

So don’t get too flustered over the particulars in regards to “Job Title”. There is a general process that is involved when obtaining feature requirements for a software, designing the solution and implement those features. When someone is looking for a software developer job, for example, I think it would be better to look at industries instead.

  • Finance – Systems for the financial industry are some of the most advanced, perform statistical analyses, utilize complex algorithms, all while processing a enormous amount of data daily. System security and speed are highly important. Smart programmers in this industry are high in demand, but do to the high pressure involved there is a tendency for burn out.
  • Government – In Government, programmers are needed at every level, this would include basic jobs to the design and maintenance of vast systems. For those of you who may happen to be an expert in computer network security, you could be eligible and should consider clearance-restricted positions. There may not be anything really exciting about government work, but they do offer some really amazing benefits.
  • Legacy – Some businesses just don’t want to upgrade their current computer and software systems while using old technology stacks. As technology is always moving forward, smart programmers keep up to date on current technology trends. So since many companies still utilize legacy systems, this present to types of position for this field. The 1st one is or having to port legacy systems to the newer tech stacks. 2nd is the maintenance and expanding of those legacy systems.

Even the new technology we are using today, could be consider old or obsolete in just a short period of time

Mobile Development

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On a recent article I read recently stated that about 72% of Americans owned a smart phone with a data plan (connected to the internet). Many other countries are also reporting a large percentage of their counties have smart phones and are connected to the internet. Article was by Pew Research.

Those numbers will simply just continue to increase.

Mobile App Developers are going to be in high demand because of the growing market for apps. While it may not have peaked yet, there is a big future in this. This industry still has many more ways in can improve and grow.

Startups – If you are the type of person that has an appetite for risk and are willing to take a chance for a big reward, then working for a startup just may be for you. But as far as I can tell, it is looking like half of all startups seem to fail. This could be more idea for the young folks who are ambitious and not married. Not every startup will become the next paypal or instagram, however some success is better than none.

Games – Just like startups, these can be risky as well. A person could spend months or longer in to a gaming project, release it and nothing sells. On the other side of the coin a person could spend just a few weeks developing a game, release and it becomes a big hit like Angry Birds. The way to reduce risk in this sector would be to go to work for a mobile game company that is already established itself, like E A Mobile, King or Zynga.

Web Development

This is an interesting niche in programming with unique rules. The workflow, architecture, languages as well as the concepts doesn’t really have overlap. This is in comparison to video game development or business applications. In the web development industry, most developers are freelancers.

In this sector there are 3 types of web developers. There are front end developers; you got back end developers and full stack developers. Decide which type of developing you would like to get involved with and learn those technologies and languages.

Lets look a little further in to what each one includes…

The Front End – This type of developer captures the design of a site and brings it to life. In order to do that the following languages are needed such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML or even HTML5. This is what makes a website functional, operable and interactive. These websites can be built from scratch. The developer can also create and sell advanced WP themes for frameworks like the WordPress CMS.

The Back End – This developer needs to deal with the data and actual logic of a website. Let’s look at a car for example; a front end developer builds stuff on the outside like the frame and doors of a car. A back end developer works with everything under the hood. Common languages used are JavaScript, Laravel PHP, Node.js, Python and Ruby on Rails.

Full Stack – This type of developer is going to handle both of the front end and back and systems. This type of person can either perform their duties as an employee or be a independent freelancer. With this skill set you are able to make the site come to life, implement the data and logic that will keep the site persistent. It is more work but this position is in more demand and pays better.

Database Development

Software solutions that include data are using databases for storing that data. To reduce complexity, optimizing the performance, a smart database design would be required. This is to ensure that data can be called or queried and is accessible by programs that are in need of it.

Web development (websites) almost all of the time will utilize databases. But that’s not all, businesses and governments utilize databases to store information. The financial sector and government also have huge database requirements because of the vast amount of information they maintain. Since there is so much critical and important information in databases, these types of developers are in high demand for database developer jobs.

If and when you make the decision to specialize in databases, there are 2 types of databases. You could learn to master both or be an expert in one. Knowing both database systems would probably be more idea.

SQL – As these are more of the relational and traditional types of databases that have been used for a long time in computer programming. SQL is actually the language as also RDBMS, (multiple relational database management). The more commonly used are MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL,, and SQLite.

NoSQL – This database is non-relational type as it gives more scalability, flexibility and speed of development at the expense of a less built in integrity and structure. You don’t need the universal SQL method of querying databases. These days, NoSQL is becoming more popular in mobile development and websites.

I hope that you have found this article useful while researching more about computer programming jobs.

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