Posting Your Resume to Job Hunting Websites

she is uploading a resumeFor those of you who are online now and are trying to find a new career or job opportunity, then it is most likely that you will need to be using career websites. There are 2 popular job search career websites called and These websites also host hundreds if not thousands of job listings in local areas across the United States. But they also offer something else.

On those websites as the same as here at job hunting website, you can enter the type of job and location you are looking for. To do that you would enter a zip code or even a mile radius for the distance that you are willing to travel for work. They have job search customization features too if you want to tighten up your search for a customized field like medicine. You will be able to search job listings without creating an account.

However if you would like to apply for one of the job listings then it will be necessary to create an account at those websites. They should be free to use.

When you find a job that you would like to apply to the application process for each website may differ and will depend on what site you are using. They usually have you fill out a form that asks for your personal information like name, address and phone for example.

They will also need your education and work experience so it is kind of like filling out an online job application. Have a good resume ready to upload too. So once your new account is ready you can upload it at that time.

If you want to get an interview, your resume really needs to look good, be current and easy to look at quickly. Using a resume writing service is recommended.

So the point in all of this is that for those website fill out the questionnaire/application completely and use a good resume to increase your chances of getting called for an interview for employment.

Beside those 2 websites mentioned earlier, there are many other job search websites. There are site that allow you to upload your resume and make it searchable by hiring employers and recruiters. This allows you to get more exposure to employers looking for workers now. This is a way to leverage your self and to be found by them. Most job searching websites do not make resumes viewable to the public. Only recruiters can see them. Check each websites privacy policy or contact their support if you need more assistance to ensure your privacy.

So by uploading your resume at those job hunting websites and allowing it to be searchable will help you get a new job or at a minimum at least an interview, for minimal effort on your part. Employers that are hiring actually really prefer trying to find qualified employment candidates on their own by using search resume databases.

Since the data base can return relevant results, there are less resumes to look at compared to something like when they advertise an open position, they could get hundreds of resumes that they will have to read. That could become time consuming.

By having your resume searchable at a resume database job search website, you never know who will contact you and what opportunity will be available!

So go ahead and take advantage of that service as it should generally be free for the job seekers.

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