Movers Needed… Starting at $18/hr

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I wanted to get the word out about an amazing company that is hiring movers and driver/movers!

They are also offering growth opportunities within the company and offer highest compensation in the industry. No experience required to join this company, they offer a great culture as well as training so that you can move up within the company.

The company is in a massive growth phase and is already an Inc. 500 company and are seeking full time employees.

Right now this is your opportunity to join an incredible company, take advantage of growth opportunities, get paid well, which also includes a benefit package…


moving jobs

No experience required / will train!

What does this job as a mover consist of…

  • Movers are the ones who carefully load and unload contents from the previous location to its new destination.
  • They are also responsible for assisting the client in placing the contents its appropriate places at the new locations.
  • A Mover is also assigned to arrange large and small items properly and effectively into storage units.
  • They also inventory items to assure that there will be no defects and damages in the load they are transporting.
  • Movers should also have the knowledge in determining what material they should use in wrapping the load to ensure it remains in good condition.
  • Movers are also tasked in cleaning up work areas. Securely transport contracted items avoiding any damage while providing safe, on-time, and dependable transportation.

No experience necessary, must be professional, heavy lifting required at times so you must be in good physical condition, obviously. Good customer service skills / common sense, and very well mannered are also important factors to be successful. This is a full time job and they need people who are reliable. Must have own reliable means of transportation. Like a car, not a bike or a bus pass.

This company is different than all of the other moving companies that you may be familiar with. This is because the company offers the best solution for consumers on the day of their move by providing an amazing experience, excellent customer service, careful handling of the contents being moved and professional, fast, and expert service their clients can count on.

So besides the $18 and hour starting pay, when the movers perform an excellent job for the clients, (as mentioned above) the clients also tip well!

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