Learn a Skill That People Will Hire You for in 30 Days (Easy Guide)


a lady working her job from homeAre you looking for other ways to generate an income? Think you don’t have the skill set to become a freelancer? If you don’t want to go back to the types of jobs that you have been working in, then let me introduce you to a new and popular way to make money online. There are training course at various websites on the internet that offer 30 day job training courses in various fields.

Lets discover some new skills for you…

Some of the services in demand today are copy writing/copy writers, article writers for websites, web design and graphic design. Coding is also another big one as many technology companies always have needs for coders/programmers. If you are one of those who are techie, this may be for you.

However to begin you will need to determine what skill you want to learn.

Before you embark on this journey lets take a look at something that could negatively have an impact on you which could result in a lot of time and money lost. I can tell you that the work from home jobs trend is big and will continue for a long time, the problem I see some people make is that they learn a skill, then decide it was not for them and go and learn another skill! Do research and make your decisions carefully, talk to others who are doing what you are considering. Gain some insight and ask questions about what they do and how do they like it. I’d even go as far as to inquire about the income they are earning as it may help you make a better decision about what skill set to learn.

Many of these people who are jumping from skill to skill are search for something that is easy. Honestly, in any skill or trade that you want to learn will have a learning curve. It’s just something new to your brain and it takes some time to learn it. For the best chance of success it is better to pick something that you are genuinely interested in, instead of picking something that looks easy or pays the most money.

What ever skill you choose, you will be doing it for a long time and it’s better to be happy doing what you want to do, instead of having to do something that seems like a ‘job’ again, even though you are working from home.

Look for forums, facebook groups and other materials to learn about your new work from home career.

To begin go to Google and look for online forums that discuss what you are considering.

Go to Amazon and look for books that are related to the skill you are choosing to work in. Buy some books and start studying in depth. Learn as much as possible and be the best at your new work from home job. This will make you more in demand and perhaps you can charge higher prices for your service because you took the time to study harder and be better than the others.

Start visiting the forums you have found and start reading threads and posts. When you begin it is not necessary to participate in the discussions. Just read over the content and look at what types of problems other people are facing and what kind of solutions are they finding.

What I usually do is go through the forum by the threads that contain the most replies. I think that you will find these helpful. Then simply go through them posy by post.

Learn by Doing, Works Best

You could read books and read forums all day long, but you will master what you are trying to learn by actually doing it. Implement what you are learning. This will help you become more proficient for your newly found skill.

Let’s take an example for those of you who would like to learn graphic design as a work from home job. Instead of reading an entire book on graphic deigning from to back, try to recreate examples given in the book as you go through it.

One of the skills now that I am learning is to write and speak Spanish as I would like to build this website in two languages. So as I learn Spanish, I pause, try to memorize the words, phrases and move on to the next lesson when I done so. It’s working!

So getting back to the books, a lot of them contain exercises at the end of the lesson or chapter. They may also have challenges for you as well as homework that will need to be done. Go ahead and complete those assignments and keep on studying. Don’t stop, keep the momentum going. Every action has a reaction or consequence good or bad.

You Will Need to Create a Learning Schedule

Before starting this new journey lets just look at what it is going to take…

Do you have at least 2 hours a day that you can dedicate to study?

How about 4 hours a day?

Can you do this 5 days a week and be committed?

So as you can see you want to make sure you have the time available to learn and study. If you could do 3 to 4 hours a day, that would be great. However for some people that many hours may not be realistic.

working at the office

Let’s set some GOALS:

If you chose graphic design, here are some goals to set:

Week #1: Photoshop has a toolbar, start by making sure you understand all of the tools contained within it. When you understand all of them, move on to the next…

Week #2: Get some photos of something, like a family photo; correct those photos including wrinkle removal and color adjustments. Do at least 3 images.

Week #3: Make 3 different types of special effects.

Week #4: Go ahead and create an impressive movie poster for an imaginary movie.

To help guide and motivate you, create and maintain a learning schedule. So instead of aimlessly wondering about with no organization, this will give you a purpose to learn.

By following all of these tips, you can quickly go from a beginner/novice to an advanced-intermediate. You’ll be familiar enough about the new skill set to start getting paid a descent amount of money. Always keep learning and try to become an expert while you are getting paid. Your new work at home career has to be a marketable skill, but if you are resourceful and disciplined, you will be able to achieve this in 30 days.


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