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When I was younger, it was instilled into me that getting a good job and working hard meant job security and an income for me. In the beginning I bought into it that is until some real life experiences came along. While many may think that they are secure in their jobs, the question is… are they really?

Job Loss Potentiality – How to Prepare

I am sure this has happened to a lot of us but you know when you get the feeling in your gut or thoughts in the back of your mind that something does not feel right like gut feeling of impending doom about your job?

Maybe you heard something from someone, maybe it’s the new lack of attention you are getting from supervisors, perhaps write ups, retraining (where the company protects its ass before firing you) and a whole bunch of other signs that you just know something is not right. This may be especially true if you don’t even like the job anyway.

Perhaps there are rumors of a layoff coming soon or someone just simply tipped you off that you are going to be terminated by the company.

Sometimes getting terminated / fired can be a spontaneous and unexpected event. Thus after it occurring will leave you jobless and no income.

So if you or someone you know suspects the feeling I mentioned above in this article now would be a good time to do something to so the impact of job loss will not be such a devastating event.

Starting now take a quick assessment of your life and start putting all of your affairs in order. In other words, start preparing for your loss of employment as to soften the blow and recover quickly as I will show you what to do…

Resume – Cover Letter Preparedness

Let’s begin by going through your stuff and finding your resume. How does it look and is it up to date? Let’s go ahead and begin preparing a resume. These days there are many people who are using the services of a resume writing professional. These people know how to make a resume look good and are familiar with the expectations of recruiters and hiring managers. They are able to create an amazing resume that will not only get their attention but may call you to start the interview process. Yes paying for a resume service costs money, but its money that you are investing into your self, just like a business owner invests money into his business.

Use the job search engine to find a new job. Then make a list of jobs/employers that you would like to send your resume to. When you start searching for a new job you may notice that it starts consuming your time, because this can be a time consuming process. But we have to do it.

Using the services of a temp staffing agency may shorten the time needed to find a new job. I like temp agencies because they can pay well, will locate a job for you quickly and you are not necessarily competing with a bunch of other people for the same job opening. I have seen people start working a new job within days after experiencing a job loss.

If you choose the temp staffing agency route, you can always look for other job opportunities while you work the temp job, so you can keep paying your bills.

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Career Networking

Networking with other people is a good way to find out about other job opportunities. If you are currently employed then explain you are concerned about a potential layoff occurring and you want to know about new jobs.

When networking you should try and get a contact name of a person that is in their company, a way to get your foot in the door. When you start getting names of people to contact, send them your updated resume. Let them know to contact you with job openings that may come along in the future and to consider you for the position. Now is a good time to start this process of finding a new job.

Covering Bills While Unemployed.

For some an unexpected job loss for someone who has been living paycheck to paycheck could be devastating. (please consider the temp staffing agency idea I mentioned above.) Some states offer unemployment compensation while actively trying to find a new job, but there are qualifying guidelines in order to get financial help from your state. Some may require that you had your last job for at least 12 months. Check with your states unemployment office for more details.

Do you have 3 to 6 moths cash on hand to meet your living expenses? What will you do if it took longer than 6 months to find a new job? These are some thing to think about now and come up with a plan.

If your company laid you off, then ask their human resources department and even your states unemployment office about the paperwork you should file for unemployment benefits in this situation that you could qualify for.

I hope that you find the information I shared in this article helpful. It will take some time to recover from a job loss event, but you will succeed especially when you start taking action now to solve this problem.

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