Job Search Engines

Discover more about how job search engines help people everywhere find new employment opportunities and jobs via the internet.

a woman searching for a local jobWhat are job search engines, who are they for and why should you use one? Well websites that offer services to find new jobs online have been around for a while. There is an easy way to do your job hunting and a task saturated way to do it. A job search engine and top job search websites are an easy and quick way to make a list of job openings.

Back in the day when I was trying to find a new job online, I was going to several classified ad sites, company websites, visiting staffing agencies as well as temp agencies website to find work. I spent 2 a lot of time going through all of theses to see what job positions were available, read through the job description and decide if I would send them my resume.

Trying to Find Jobs

The worst part about going to all of those websites while trying to find a new job was trying to find websites that had a current list of recent job listings. It was frustrating and back then I simply just relied on my local newspapers career and employment section to see who was hiring.

Top Job Search Websites

Over the last few years technology has evolved yet for many employees and job seekers out there most don’t start their employment search with a job search engine. It is not until someone tells them about it or they come across it from searching on

I love the convenience it provides. Looking for a better job is as simple as entering the type of position you desire and the city or locality you want to work in. As far as this website goes for online job hunting, you will see a list of recent job posts, a short description and pretty relevant results. In spring of 2018 we do have an update coming to improve our search results even better.

a job search engine form

From, when you find an opening you like from our listing of job search results, click on it to find out more about the position. You could even go as far as bookmarking the employment opportunities you like for easy reference.

Who should use and Job Search Engines?

Most available positions are covered or included in the job search result page. As long as a recruiter or hiring manager publishes a job listing somewhere on the internet it should be crawled and included.

Who is using our website to find a new job?

Some of the common searches I see are engineering jobs, software developer jobs, truck driver jobs, physician assistant jobs, nurse practitioner jobs, Esthetician and Skincare Specialist job opportunities, skilled labor job openings, entry level jobs, dental jobs and many more. So as you can see there are all sorts of openings available!

Looking for a new career?

Not sure what you would like to do or perhaps back to school for. I think that a person personality should be compatible to the type of work or career they seek. This is why I see several human resource departments and recruiters conducting test to determine your personality, traits, character and honesty actually.

So for you introvert’s out there who seek an amazing career, consider these career options like software developers, computer applications and engineers, these offer high starting salaries and growth opportunities. Other positions suited for introverts could be operations research analysts, mathematicians, political scientists, actuaries for insurance jobs, writers and accountants / CPA’s.

Now for the extroverted types are sales people and sales jobs, school teachers, therapists, fitness trainers, restaurant servers, entertainment industry and medical to name a few.

Good luck in your hunt for employment by utilizing top job search websites. Other way to find work would also be to utilize resources like careerbuilder, linkup, simply hired, google for jobs and you will notice some of the in their SERPS and indeed. Job search engines are a great way to make your online experience of trying to find a new job better.