Job Interview Tips

job interview sessionThe 1st step in trying to get a job is sending your application or resume to an employer. When the receive it, someone will carefully review it. If you meet the qualifications for the position, then you will become an employment candidate. After that the next step in this process is to get an interview as the job interview tips will help.

On a side note… Employers use the internet, newspapers, recruiters and or head hunters to find people to hire. If you used a staffing agency, recruiter or some sort of middle man, then your resume is forward to the hiring manager via one of these people.

Your resume will be the first document that they will look at when someone applies for a job. So it is really important that it makes a great first impression and it needs to do so within 30 seconds! This is why a resume should be grammatically correct and well written. If you have are having difficulty writing up your resume, then contact a resume writer. Look at their portfolio and view the quality of their writing. Some of these guys do an amazing job. An impressive well laid out resume could be the difference of getting an interview or not.

Normally most resumes contain basic information a person’s name, their address, contact information and a list of current and past employers. When you get called in for an interview, they are going to want to know more about you and may ask more questions about your previous employment history.

As the employer reviews your resume right in front of you they will ask questions about your accomplishments, experiences and lessons learned while on the job. They are going to want to know more about how you handled certain situations at the company, maybe you be presented with the “tell me about a time when…” questions, job challenges you had and how did you get along with co workers.

Before going to the job interview these are all situations you need to think about and how are you going to answer them? One of the things they look at is how long does it take you to answer a question. So you will want to be prepared ahead of time.

As the questioning continues it is a possibility that they will as about your relationship with family members. They want to see if you have a good character and that you are able to inter act well with other people, especially ones you have known for a long period of time.

Just about every job interview that I have been on has asked me these questions:

  • Why do you want to work for this company?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?

The second question above is to see if you are going to be dedicated to be with the company for a long time and if the company will benefit by you being their employee.

Most employers and even departments within a company have budgets; this includes how much they can pay their employees. There is a chance that the interviewer or recruiter will ask how much compensation is desired? If you give a high number, they may come back and ask if you want to negotiate the salary.

employee working

Once the interviewer or recruiter is finished asking all of their questions, you may be given the opportunity to as them questions too. So this would be a great time to find out more about the company where you might be working at and get a feel for the place before excepting a job offer.

Once all of the question from both sides has concluded, the interviewer will end the meeting. If you have passed the first phase of the interviewing process, they may take you to the next step of the application process while you are there as they may call in a department hiring manger to interview you next. Good luck and I hope these job interview questions and answers sample helpful!

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