Job Interview Thank You Note (My Tips)

After a job interview it is suggested that you send a thank you note. In this post we’ll go over some questions and what type of content to include in to your job interview thank you note.

Some people think that sending a job interview thank you note is not a good idea and make one look desperate. Or does it?

job interview sessionWell it doesn’t! For the most part hiring employers appreciate it these. It’s quite common and is a way to show politeness plus courtesy. It will also remind them about you and hopefully make you stand out from all of the other interviewees. Out of mind out of site. The thank you note takes care of that.

I’m not convinced yet… Will this put my chances of getting hired at risk?

Not really in most cases. I think it depends on the person who did the job interview. At a later time it may not work. I have heard stories the most qualified applicants are considered for hire, however if the least of the qualified sent in a note and the other didn’t, this could improve their chance of a job offer.

Are these types of letters typed up or hand written?

I don’t think it makes a difference. The important things is that someone thought of doing it and shows how interested they are in the job opening. However it must be written to the interviewer and the company they work for. (Targeted) Not spam blast. Some businesses may require formal business letters, if so then do it in that fashion instead of a casual thank you note. Probably depends on any report you have built with them.

Can just a thank you email be sent instead of mailing something?

Sure but consider this… Write a draft that looks good and shows your interest and appreciation with proper grammar. Don’t copy thank you letters from the internet, try to write how you feel. Be genuine. 4 to 6 sentences should be enough for them to get the point.

For panel style interviews, do you send one to all of the interviewers?

I think it makes sense to send the same note to each member of the interview panel. The only editing that would need to be done is personalizing it to each person.

When does the thank you note get sent out?

Is it best to send it 24 hours after you interview took place?

In today’s world of technology it would be best to get the interviewers email, perhaps by getting their business card. So after you are finished with the job interview, be sure got their contact information.

Is there a job offer pending and should a thank you letter be sent?

If there is a job offer in place, a thank you letter may not be needed since you got the job. Just go through the hiring process.

Make sure your job interview thank you notes look professional, well written and good grammar. Think of your note as marketing. You still trying to stay in front of them so they remember you.

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