The Right Job Interview Questions to Ask

job interview sessionCongrats, you have just been called up to attend a job interview with an employer. Your probably feeling pretty good about it too. The interview is the 1st step in getting a new job or starting a career. But did you know that many people (the interviewees) are making all kinds of mistake during the job interview process? The biggest mistake we are hearing about is not asking questions. Please ask questions at the end of it. One of the reasons for not asking questions is that it gives an impression that you’re not a leader, only a follower. Don’t make this type of impression. Ideally you want to show value.

So what kinds of questions should we be asking while attending an interview for employment? Well let’s start off with the types of questions we shouldn’t ask first.

What not to do in a job interview? Don’t ask questions about benefits or salary or when the benefits will begin. As far as the salary goes the hiring employer will bring it up first, either in writing or verbally. So wait for them first and also refrain from asking about pay increases to.

So in regards of what questions not to ask, many employers will give applicants information about the company or refer them to a website for them to learn more. So go through the information they gave you and learn about the company. This way you do not have to ask questions about something you already know about. So if you ask about when was the company started or who started will reflect to the interviewer that you did not read the material that was given to you. This creates a bad impression and that is something you don’t want to do.

So now that we have a general idea of the questions not to ask in a job interview, now lets look at some of the questions that are considered safe. A good one is to inquire about your workday or how your work week will be. What will a typical day consist of? What type of task will be required of you?

Asking about the future of the company and where they are headed is another good question to ask. Inquire about any plans they may have for expansion. How does this employer stand against its competition? Questions like these will show them that you want to work for a successful company for a long time. When you ask them about the stability of the company then it shows them that you also want stability to.

If you intend to ask the interviewer personal question, be sure not to get to personal. Instead why not ask the how they like working for the company? You could even ask them at what level they started at and when they began working. If they did get promoted or advanced in the company, ask them if it was easy to do? Does the company like to promote from within first? Questions like these will make the interview more memorable and put you at more of a personal level with the interviewer.

I hope these employment interview tips and some of the questions to ask will help you with your interview process. Use your best judgment when asking questions.

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