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While there may not be anything to sexy and exciting about working in the field of insurance and working insurance jobs, there is something that still attracts a lot of people to this field. That is because there is  several opportunities for employment with many insurance companies across the USA. Working in this industry also provides a chance to earn a good income along with really great benefits. The good news is there are many ways to find insurance jobs and get started in this industry.

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Many of the people I know who work in the insurance industry have been there for a long time and have work them selves up to netter positions including manage as well as other opportunities offered by their company. Yes insurance jobs can be boring but the rewards working in this industry make up for it.

The biggest complaint that I hear from all sorts of people is that some of them feel that paying insurance premiums are a waste of money. This is especially the case when it comes to life insurance. I have even had someone tell me he won’t buy life insurance because he’ll never get to see the money (death benefits). What he failed to understand was that he is suppose to use that policy to pas on a legacy and protect his family.

If you are good in sales then you should consider a career at look at life insurance jobs. It is an only commission type of work, but those commissions can be quite large.

Types of Insurance Jobs

There are all sorts of insurance jobs available if you would like to consider this industry. Some of the more common positions available with insurance companies are: Actuary Positions, Sales Agents, Claims Adjuster, Claims Clerks, Customer Service Representatives (but does not pay as much as the other positions, Loss Control Specialists and  Insurance Underwriters.

How to Find an Insurance Job?

Many of the insurance carriers will have a job board on their company website. All of these insurance companies have a human resource department too. That will be a really good place to begin your search for insurance jobs. These companies also spend a lot of money advertising their open positions and usually hire throughout the year. Using the internet and visiting career websites and job search engines is also another quick and easy way to find insurance jobs online. These two resources should be enough to get you started with you insurance jobs search.

I’d also would like to point out that besides the big insurance companies, they also have an external sales for know as a insurance brokerage or insurance agency. These agencies could be located in a retail center or an office building. Some will have a few employees and other may have a bigger organization within their brokerage.

It is highly likely that the person who sold you your home and auto policy is a local guy or gal working for a local and independently ran agency or brokerage. Some of these agencies will offer the products of one insurance agency call a Captive Agent. And brokerages who are “not captive” to one insurance carrier may offer the insurance products of several carriers.

So as you can see there are several types of positions and opportunities to work within the insurance industry. If you would like to search for insurance jobs now, please use this website to start looking.



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