How to Make Your Resume Standout

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Having a good resume that is well written and easy to read is the first step to getting the attention of someone in HR, a recruiter or hiring manager. Make sure it can be easily scanned, read and captures their attention. This is the first step when you find a new job.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

Think of your resume as your marketing person and sales person. Your resume is out there working on you behalf to bring in attention to you to at least get a phone call or some kind of positive correspondence.

While your resume is out there being read by hiring employers, there could also be hundreds more that recruiters will see, this is why it is important that your standout better than all of the others. On this website we have other short articles that you can read to give a job seeker better insight in preparing a resume and developing a strategy for finding a new job.

Now if you are a college student preparing to enter the workforce then it is likely that you may not have too much to offer in terms of work experience that could be added to your resume. For those students who are in this category, that is OK as you still have a lot to offer with your academic achievements. Colleges and universities have many programs and opportunities for students to join and take advantage of. What did you do? What programs were you in? What did you achieve and did you become a leader? What are some of your success and achievements during your tenure at college?

Many students also work jobs at school to earn money or support themselves. I have always respected those who work hard in a job and at school, at the same time because it demonstrates a great work ethic. So list your work experience and successes on your resume.

So if you worked while in college, then you have an opportunity to show your work experiences and any achievements together while at school. What roles did you take? Write about them and describe tasks that you performed. If you had any roles that placed you into a trusted position be sure to describe what you did that would capture the attention of hiring employers.

What Accomplishments to Put on Resume

Creating an accomplishment section or job section on a resume is an effective strategy for resume writing. This can include relevant work experience as well as any school experience that you feel you should add.

Keep in mind that there could be another person out there with the same skills, education and experiences as you and they could be the person your resume is competing with.

So by listing your accomplishments as a main benefit is going to make your resume stand out more and get the attention you want. I would recommend using the resume writing services to help you create the best resume possible just in case the competition is tough for the type of industry you want to enter.

write a 1 page resumeMy last tip is always including a well written cover letter with each resume you send.

A one page cover letter and your resume must be one page. That’s two pages in total. I hope that you create a resume that stands out and gets you the job!

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