JobCab Going Strong

This is going to be a casual blog post about things that are on my mind about this website…

I usually spend a few hours a day working on this website and trying to make it a great user experience for those who are looking for work, a career change or career education. Many companies out there who are hiring want employment candidates who have a good skill set.

Getting the right kind of training skills, education, certifications and degrees are criteria that a hiring manager will be looking at. So I plan on adding career education materials as well as self development products. All if this will be vetted by me to ensure that it is good stuff, before offering it to the public. To Learn more about our website click here to begin.

As of today Nov 6, 2018 it is election day. Voter turnout is huge. Voices want to be heard and they will. Whoever wins in the mid term elections will influence the outcome of the future of the United States. Good or bad, something will happen and we’ll just have to wait and see.


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Go. Do.

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