In this section we will go over some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Lets begin quickly by discussing what is JobCab.com

What is JobCab About?

I started this website as a job search engine back in June 2007 and as soon as I launched it the website started receiving 30,000 people a month! Talk about idea validation. Since then JobCab has helped close to 800,000 people find jobs. It is very evident that people everywhere use the internet to find employment. Even Google is involved in the online job search business as their search results reflect that.

This site contains a job search engine where people who are frustrated and spending to much time going from website to website looking at job lists, find them in one place. Here. It is as simple as typing in the type of job that is being sought and a location, either by city name or zip code.

The job search results are up to date and very relevant to the users search query.

Our career portal contains may helpful and informative articles one how to:

  • How to find jobs / job hunting tips
  • How to have a successful job interviews
  • Many do’s and don’t tips
  • How to make an amazing resume

What Countries Can use JobCab?

It is currently available for job seekers in the United States. Coming January 2019 we will be expanding job search services in spanish, into Mexico, Central and South America. Job seekers in those countries will be able to use this site and view job listings in their local area.

Can I Post a Job?

This service will become available in the future (2019)

Can someone submit a resume?

We are waiting to see the volume of traffic and users this website receives, so not yet. So there is no database of resumes for recruiters to search.

I was contacted by JobCab, as a recruiter and whats this interview thing about?

As we get more people coming to the website and following us on social media (@jobcab1) we are interviewing people who hire people. We would like to know what your best tips and ideas are for job hunting. Career advice is another topic that many find interesting as well as anything trending. The video interviews are done online most likely using zoom.us

Are you looking for writers?

Yes, contact us.

If your question is not listed here, then contact us and we will help you out.