Computer Support Specialist Jobs

computer support specialist working help deskIn this post we’re going to go over the position of computer support specialist I’d like to go over the significant points of this career choice there is job growth that is projected to be faster than the average of all occupations. a bachelor degree is required for some jobs, while an associate’s degree or certification is adequate for others job prospects should be good especially for college graduates skills and experience.



Nature of the work for Computer Support Specialists

Computer support specialists provide technical assistance, support, and advice to individuals and organizations that depend on information technology. They work with organizations that use computer systems, for computer hardware or software vendors, or third-party organization that provides support services on a contract basis, such as help desk service firms. Support specialist are usually differentiated between technical support specialist and help desk technicians.

Technical support specialists respond to inquiries from the organization’s computer users and may run automatic diagnostic programs to resolve problems. Additionally, they may write training manuals and train computer users and the use of new computer hardware and software. these workers also the daily performance of their company’s computer systems, resolving technical problems with Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and other systems .

Help desk technicians respond to telephone calls and email messages from customers looking for help with computer problems in response to these inquiries, help desk technicians must listen carefully to the customer, ask questions to diagnose the nature of the problem patiently walk the customer through the problem-solving steps. They also install modified clean and repair computer hardware and software. Many customer support specialist start out working at the help desk.

Help desk technicians customer support specialist deal directly with customer issues, and their employers value them as a source of feedback on their products and services. are consulted for information about what gives customers the most trouble, as well as other customer concerns .

Work environment.

Computer support specialist normally works in well-lighted, comfortable offices work computer Laboratories. Work is about 40 hours a week. to work for third-party support from often are away from their offices , spending considerable time working at a client’s location. Computer networks expand, or computer support specialist may be able to provide technical support from remote locations. this capability would reduce or eliminate travel to the customers workplace and may allow some support specialist to work from home.

Injuries in this occupation are uncommon, but like other workers who type on a keyboard for long periods, computer support specialist are susceptible to eyestrain, back discomfort and hand and wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Training, other qualifications advancement for Computer Support Specialists

A college degree is required for some computer support specialist positions but an associate’s degree or certification may be sufficient for others. problem solving and communication skills are essential .

Education and Training.

Due to the wide range of skills required there are many paths of Entry to a job as a computer support specialist requirements for computer support specialist very but players prefer to hire applicants formal college education. bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering Information Systems is a prerequisite jobs; other jobs, however, may require only a computer-related associates degree college degree in any field, as long as the applicant has the necessary technical skills for some jobs relevant computer experience and certification a substitute for formal education.

As far as advancement goes entry level computer support specialist generally work directly with customers or in-house users. They may Advance into positions that handle products or problems with higher levels of technical complexity. Send me a chance into management roles. Some computer support specialist may find opportunities in other occupations, such as computer programmers or software engineers designing products rather than existing users. Promotions depend heavily on job performance the formal education and professional certification can approve advancement opportunities. Opportunities hardware and software companies that can occur quickly sometimes within months.


Median annual wages of wage and salary computer support specialist were around thousand dollars back in 2008 the middle 50% are between 33 and $55,000 the lowest temperature in Kern less than $26,000 and the highest temperature sent or earning around $70,000 annually

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