Are Job Search Engines Worth Using?

job seeker talking to employment recruiterAre you currently searching for a new job or career? If you happen to be looking for a new job you may be wondering how you are going to go about it? There are several options available to you as you might know already. Of the options available to you are online job search engines and career websites. So is it worth your time to take advantage of these?

So let’s find out if these types of websites are worth your time and we can do this by quickly taking a look at what they are and how they help. There are all sorts of job hunting and career websites out there.

For example a person can discover online message boards where job seekers can post information on job listing that they have found. Then there are the big time job websites. Those websites do deal with recruiters and employers who have a hiring need and are looking for qualified job candidates, such as yourself.

As far as using a career website or a job search website and determining if they are worth your time, it just depends on your needs. The job hunting websites will serve up job listing relative to the type of job sought and its location. The career website will contain lots of information on careers, how to find a job, resumes and host job postings from employers. Everyone’s needs are different so why not use both?

After you encounter a career website or a job search engine, after spending some time on them you will be able to determine if it suits your needs. I prefer job search engines since they pull in relevant job search results from many resources. These resources include job posting websites, actual employers, job portals and even local newspapers.

Most people like tailor job search results. This is because someone saves so much time searching for a new job using job search engines.

For example, let’s say someone is in Dallas TX and looking for jobs as a salesperson. This can be done here at JobCab to by the way.

However the search is performed like this

1. Enter job type: Sales
2. Enter location: Dallas tx

job search engine data form

The search results for the job listings will normally be the latest job postings relevant to the search terms entered by the job seeker who is looking for employment opportunities.

Whenever you decide to look for new job listing make sure you check the dates on them to make sure their fresh. For the most part it is pretty standard the most recent listings show first. I just wanted to take a moment to point this out as to prevent applying to old job listings. After looking at the newest listing it still may not hurt to look at the older listings as well. It is common for many employers to remove their old listing when a position has been filled.

A different way to find a new job is to use career websites that host resumes that get searched by recruiters. I think it is worth anyone’s time to upload a good resume thus potentially creating more opportunities. After you upload it to a website, make sure that it is indeed searchable.

Even before looking for work you will want to have your resume ready. The reason for this is when someone applies for employment via a website and fills out an application, at the end of the application submission process, they may ask for you to attach your resume as well.

I have even see where they ask for the resume 1st, before filling out an online job application, because the website software populates the application with the information on your resume. So be sure your resume is formatted and neatly organized so that the dates of employment, position and previous employers can be read. Don’t worry though if there are errors after the data gets populated into the job application, as you can manually fix any errors.

So as you can see in this article that job search and career websites are where to begin a job search. They are worth your time and I hope you have a good idea of how to start a job search to find new employment especially using job search engines, including ours.

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