jobcab logoWelcome to the JobCab Employment Portal. Please take a moment to learn more about JobCab and the features available to job seekers and employment recruiters.

Originally began service in June of 2007. In the beginning the website primarily functioned as a job search engine. In other words, those job seekers who were looking for a certain type of job in a certain location could search and find jobs within those criteria. In the first 6 months when we started we received 700,000 unique visitors. As a result that validated to keep this going.

Many of our visitor are very satisfied with us because the returned job search results were fresh and accurate, which led to many returning to our website over and over again!

The website was a hit and thousands of people every week continue to use us to find a new job.

Since that time JobCab has evolved into establishing job boards for specific types of industries allowing for a targeted market. thus making it easier for both job seekers to find work and employers to post job openings to their targeted market. Our website also offers career searching, resume creation and interviewing advice and tips. That content is provided by articles, videos and podcasts.