7 Simple Tips to Boost Your Job Interview Skills

job interview sessionAs technology continues to improve these days, getting back to the basics should still be considered when you are trying to get hired for a job. Whether it is a small company, an independent firm or a big million dollar company, if you are planning on applying to them it does not matter. When you are sitting in front of the hiring manager or recruiter, it will come down to you are presenting yourself. This is going to be what determines if you will get the job or not. We’ll show you how to boost your job interview skills and successfully pass the interview.

Once you have completed sending your resume to possible hiring companies as well as have determined which job to apply for. Then setting up a time to schedule a job interview remains.

Take a moment to speak with the company receptionist or the recruiters assistant which can be done by phone, email or going there in person. Without saying you should be polite and friendly, because there is a chance they could provide you with important details about getting that position. Plus they may even tell you more about the company or the potential boss you may have.

The moment when you show up for your job interview.

Be sure to be on time, if not even a few minutes early. They will be watching how you speak and present yourself. Dress appropriately for job interviews which are generally business attire. You could even ask when you’re scheduling it. This is the important moment when you want to make a great impression that will hopefully get you the job!

Follow these 7 simple tips that will boost your interview shills and get you hired!

1.) The Job Interview – Getting Ready

We have all heard that saying… “Dress to Impress”. Well this is when it will really matter. Ideally business attire should be appropriate. How you look is the first thing the company will notice when you walk into the interviewing room. Be sure to have a good posture, good grooming and a firm handshake. Look into their eyes when you shake hands, don’t look away. Don’t display weakness, show confidence instead.

Next, common courtesy should be expected. Before you go to the interview location, make sure you know where the place is beforehand. This will prevent you from being late, which could kill the meeting. Think about what you are going to say and be ready for the questions they will ask you. This should go without saying but… Turn off your mobile device before meeting these people! Or just leave it in your car.

2.) Research.

Learn all of the basics about this company in case they ask you. It might not look to good if they ask you something like: “what do you know about our company” or “how did you hear about us”.

This is your future possible employer. Think about this company profile and be ready to discuss it. However, they may or may not ask, be prepared.

If this is not your 1st job interview then you will know that hiring employers generally ask the same questions, like tell us more about your self, ect. Try not to sound rehearsed or scripted. Know an overview of what you will say when you get asked the basic questions. Know what to say ahead of time instead of having to take a moment to think about your answer in front of them.

3.) Relax and Be Cool.

Take your seat as the session is about to begin. However I would wait to take a seat until they tell me to do so. When your done then you that the person who interviewed you for their time and being able to schedule you into their busy day.

Be certain to begin this in a positive note and proper expectations are set.

4.) Be Confident

While they are questioning you, if your able to just be brief on their questions, yet accurately and honestly.

job interviewing passedSince you are being considered for employment with this company, explain to them what you really are as well as what you can do for this company. It should not be the other way around. Maintain frame and keep a positive attitude. As far as your previous employer goes, do not give a bad impression of them.

So if this is the 1st job you are trying to get, your lack of experience shouldn’t hinder you from getting some advantage from those other applicants that may have more experience. What you can display in confidence and your eagerness to learn could make up for lack of experience for the position that you are applying to.

Take a moment and think about being in the hiring employers shoes. If you were them on the other side of the desk, what experience or qualities would you look for regarding a potential employee? Companies are in business to make money, so is the employment candidate going to be able to contribute to the growth of the company?

Don’t be shy about selling yourself however don’t be over confident either. Just present yourself that you know what you can do and your capabilities.

5.) Be Sure to Ask Questions.

Sometimes this can happen but you may have to deal with a difficult interviewer, however don’t be intimidated. If this person is making it hard for you to talk about yourself and experiences, it’s OK to lightly remind them that you should be the one speaking since this person need to learn more about you.

6.) Wrap up time.

As your job interview is starting to wrap up, make sure that everything important has been covered. However, this might not be a good time to talk about the benefits or the salary if you get hired. This can be done when a job offer is made. Generally it will be laid out in writing via an offer of employment letter. In some cases the salary might have been mention in the job ad or phone interview.

By summarizing your positive traits and your strengths will be a good way to conclude your session. Leave a good lasting impression again by thanking them for their time.

7.) Following up.

Prior to leaving the job interview be sure to get their contact information. This is because you will be able to follow up with a thank you note because they gave you the opportunity to meet and it will also show them that you are genuinely interested in the position.

As far as the interview process goes, there have been studies done and here is a brief rundown:
Here is what you can generally expect with most interviews for employment.

If the employer likes your application for employment or your resume, an interview will be scheduled.

You will be invited to either meet with a recruiter or to visit the company in person.

Then it begins (all the questions!)

When finished, then there is wrap up and closing.

Follow up with your thank you note.    ***(link to Job Interview Thank You Note TIPS POST)***

If a job offer is presented, you will discuss, negotiate and paperwork will follow.

Please practice your job interviewing skills before meeting with any of the employers.

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